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  • 31 2015-03
      Where is the source of frequent failure and maintenance of home spinning quality doors?

    Common Faults and Maintenance of Shadowless Lamps 1, all lights are not on, cattle are worth the power fuse, socket and plug contact, power switch circuit, buck should be burned. Up to one million meters 220 Volt AC files check the power supply, and if the external power supply voltage, IE, one million can be found through the Ohm meter file circuit, find out how to break the specific location of...

  • 31 2015-03
    Requirements for safe use of the tower in operating room

    Requirements for safe use of the tower in operating room In the past, the operating room tower was a relatively new medical device, its value is relatively large, but in the continuous advancement of medical technology, the device still occupies a place in many products. In fact, many people do not know much about the device, so we will tell you about the safe use of the operating room tower to d...


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Yangzhou Jinshi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd is located in the Yangtze River, the historical and cultural city - Yangzhou. Close to the airport, high-speed rail, highway entrance, the traffic is very convenient.
Our company is a professional medical equipment manufacturer integrating production, sales and service. Our company has strong technical force, complete testing equipment, and focuses on improving the medical care environment to provide customers with safe, efficient and humanized products.
We mainly produce all kinds of medical beds, electric beds, operating tables, infusion chairs, accompanying chairs, medical trolleys, tables, cabinets, shad­owless lamp and surgical pendants etc. The products are sold well in more than 20 provinces and cities in China, and exported to Southeast Asia, ...



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